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Innovation drives growth.
Compelling conversation builds business.

A.Revell public relations, events and creative marketing services helps you refine your message and proclaim your position to the market. We project our clients’ voices, raising awareness and stimulating a conversation. Our technology, green tech, and healthcare IT clients have built a solid place in the market, driving new business and elevating the conversation.

A.Revell’s communications strategies advance your position by adding volume to your voice. We’re strategic – but measure success on what’s delivered. Your innovation sparks our ideas to get the right dialogue going. Over 20 years, 130 products and for more than 100 companies, our service-oriented team has delivered measurable return on marketing investment.

Somewhere along your path to execudom, you took a public speaking course. It may have been in undergrad or foisted upon you by your VC firm, but it’s likely you’ve not come this far in your career without being forced to stand and deliver in front of an audience … and been critiqued....

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Why Wilmington Needs WOMEN TO WATCH

 “Women are fifty percent of the population. If we are doing fifty percent of the work, we deserve fifty percent of the recognition.”
That’s according to Ann Revell-Pechar, Women to Watch finalist, local entrepreneur, and my boss. Women to Watch is an annual awards ceremony recognizing women of Wilmington in the areas of Business, Public Service, Nonprofit/Volunteer, Arts, Health Care, Rising Star and Education. Our founder, Ann Revell-Pechar, was recently nominated in the business category and is honored to be one of five finalists. The winner will be announced on October 24th in a Moroccan-themed soirée at Union Station.
Recognizing women within our community encourages the female population to excel beyond gender-bias societal roles. Women to Watch, which is produced by WILMA Magazine, promotes the empowerment of women as well as their involvement in and contribution to the Port City area. Past winners and nominees have enriched our city in countless ways. This annual ceremony pays homage to these luminaries and inspires others to do the same.
A.Revell Communications is a woman-owned business, and as such we know that women often have to work a little harder to get recognized for their work. It is an honor and recognition of the hard work we do when we have a Women to Watch finalist at the helm. A.Revell has made its mark in Wilmington’s own PR community, but extends from Raleigh to Atlanta and beyond to provide the absolute highest caliber of innovative communication. We stress the utmost importance of mutual understanding and teamwork between ourselves, our clients and their audience. Catering to each company’s specific objectives, we promise real results in an ever-changing field.
Stay tuned for the results of Women to Watch and upcoming events from A Revell Communications.

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