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Innovation Exploration: Wilmington’s CIE Hosts Coastal Connect

Innovation Exploration: Wilmington’s CIE Hosts Coastal Connect
Tomorrow, UNCW's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) hosts its own birthday party! It’s going to be a great full-day conference, called Coastal Connect Entrepreneur Conference.
More than 60 speakers are coming from throughout the Southeast. They will charm, delight and inspire those who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in growth mode, and those who want to support a lively entrepreneurial ecosystem here in the ILM. Break away and group sessions will range in topic from team-building and prototyping, to life sciences and concept cultivation.
We at A.Revell Communications proudly support the CIE and Coastal Connect. We have learned from Seattle, Baltimore and Atlanta what a thriving entrepreneurial community looks like. After introducing more than 150 businesses and products to the market over the past 22 years, we know that each venture has been individual and unique in origin. Only though the power of community has each innovation taken flight.
We believe that innovation is necessary for our community to survive and to thrive. We hope you join us in this meeting of the minds as a chance to network with Wilmington's best and brightest. For more details and a full schedule of events:
See you tomorrow at the Coastline Convention Center, on the Waterfront near the Best Western Hotel. Can’t be there? Follow it on Twitter: #theother4days