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Business RadioX Wilmington and A.Revell Communications Adds Joan Loch to Producer/PR Manager Role

Wilmington Booster, Owner of Crescent Moon Joins Communications Team
 A.Revell Communications and Business RadioX in Wilmington today announced that Wilmington business leader Joan Loch has joined their team as Producer for the radio station and as PR Manager for the communications firm.

“The addition of Joan Loch to our team is indicative of the big steps we’re making,” said Ann Revell-Pechar, owner of A.Revell Communications, which also owns the Business RadioX studio in Wilmington. “Joan brings decades of marketing expertise to the table, but more importantly she brings a passion for seeing business in Wilmington succeed and grow. Her mission mirrors ours: to make Wilmington a thriving business community, and to tell the world that story.”
Joan Loch and her husband Mike Loch own Crescent Moon art and gift shop on Front Street in Downtown Wilmington, which they purchased in 2007. Joan is also Chair of the Bring it Downtown Task Force, a joint effort between Wilmington Downtown Incorporated and the Downtown Business Alliance. Her passion has been to promote the wealth of opportunity in business, entertainment and shopping in downtown Wilmington.
“Business RadioX and A.Revell Communications offer me a way to merge my community and business development work,” said Loch. “Business RadioX is such a great way to get a clear picture of what’s happening in business throughout our region. It helps me stay informed and on top of the business community, so I am looking forward to helping grow our listenership and increase the number of underwriters who support business growth in Wilmington.”