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CED Life Science Conference 2014: "Maybe the Best Yet!"

A.Revell Communications was so proud to have been a part of the ‘behind the scenes’ work that made the CED Life Science Conference 2014 what many attendees said was “the best ever.”


The conference took place from February 26-27 in Raleigh included headliners that represent the biggest names in health care. Co-Chairs William Roper, MD, (CEO, UNC Health Care; Dean of the UNC School of Medicine), Kenneth Moch (CEO,Chimerix), and Anne Whitaker, President of NA Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi helped bring in speakers that wowed the audience. Particularly inspirational were:

  •       Harry Greenspun, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions: the State of the Industry report was chock-full of important information, but delivered with panache and punch – Harry had many of us rolling in the aisles!
  •       Jeremy Levin, former CEO of Teva Pharmaceuticals, provided a poignant view of the digital health movement and the impact it is having today—and into the future.
  •       Deborah Dunsire, President and CEO of EnVivo Pharmaceuticals, headlined the CEO breakfast and utilized data to profoundly inspire leadership throughout the industry.
  •       Clayton Christensen, Harvard Professor and prolific author, moved us all with his closing keynote, discussing new ways to think about health care, from technology to service. He ended the conference thanking people in the room for the work they do, noting that, in the last four years, he’s had a stroke, been diagnosed with cancer, had a heart attack and is diagnosed with lymphoma. Health care professionals have profoundly impacted his life.


The conference also showcased innovative start-up companies that are making major impacts on health care and science, and welcomed renowned speakers from the FDA, Google Ventures, Sanofi, and other pharmaceutical companies.


A.Revell Communications worked with the hard-working CED team to market and manage media relations this conference; A.Revell’s Kirsten Kalsky was the official event photographer. You can see some of our work on the CED website:


Media coverage:


We really enjoyed our work not just with CED, but also with co-sponsors North Carolina Biotechnology Center and NCBIO.