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Impacting Expansion for American Homestay Network

A. Revell Communications was founded in 1993 in Seattle as Reed Revell-Pechar, Inc., and since then many of our clients have been entrepreneurs. The American Homestay Network (AHN), our newest client, is based in Seattle, and they’ve hired us to help people across America become entrepreneurs. Kismet?

We’re obviously excited, then, to have an opportunity to promote entrepreneurism as AHN provides international students and professionals with a culturally enriching experience staying in an American home.

The company currently has four regional locations, including Washington State, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio and Oregon. And we’ve just announced their intention to expand into upwards of 30 new locations across the US this year.

AHN is actively seeking people interested in starting regional agencies in new locations around the nation. It is the goal at A.Revell Communications to get the word out across the nation, promoting this amazing opportunity.

If you’re thinking of starting your own business but have been put off by the overhead associated with franchises, opening a regional AHN agency might be your golden ticket. All details about starting up a regional office with AHN can be found at

If you’re hardworking, driven, and enthusiastic with a love for learning about new cultures and helping students truly immerse themselves in the culture of the United States, visit the above website and see just what the American Homestay Network is all about. With this regional agency expansion, exciting opportunities may be just around the corner.