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6 Do’s and Don’ts of Hosting a Radio Broadcast or Podcast

A. Revell Communications in opening an internet radio studio this week! The Business RadioX studio is located in historic downtown Wilmington, NC, in the building right next door to NPR. A prescient move—we’ll produce long-form interviews, without commercials, just like certain NPR shows. The difference though, we’re all pro-business and economic development.

You may decide to sponsor a show of your own and if you do you’ll want some hints for being a good host. So many new radio show hosts make these mistakes, and often lose listeners because of it. Read on… and prep for your leadership position on-air!

Six Tips:

  1. DON’T get off topic. Some off-the-cuff chatter is always entertaining, but you will lose the listener’s interest if it goes on for too long. If you have guests on the show, don’t let them steal the show from you, try to steer the conversation back into familiar territory.
  2. DO come prepared. It will be obvious if you wing it, and can result in uninteresting content and rambling. If you are interviewing studio guest, research them beforehand.
  3. DON’T stop talking. Dead air is a no-no. While a dramatic pause can often provide your guest with an opportunity to ‘add’ an interesting fact, radio is not forgiving when there are long periods of silence. Keep your pauses to a count of 3. If you are reading incoming audience commentary, keep talking and have someone else speak while you are fishing listener emails.
  4. DO be yourself. Reading from a script will sound too rehearsed. Add some personality to the show to keep it interesting and entertaining. You don’t have to be a comedian with constant snappy retorts, but keep your demeanor relaxed and personable. Smile! People want to listen to happy hosts.
  5. DON’T broadcast your personal political or religious views. Our shows are about business – so while you might have a guest that is a politician or minister, keep the course of discussion on business. This way you will not alienate your audience, but will keep content relevant.
  6. DO have fun! If you’re having fun, it’s likely that your audience is also having fun. Keep your content thought provoking, your guests interesting, and yourself entertaining, and remember to relax and have a good time.

There are many other unspoken rules for radio broadcasting, but these represent a great start. Follow these tips and you could see your show grow and prosper. Be unique, interesting, enjoy your time on air… happy broadcasting!