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New App brings Stealz to Our Hometown of Wilmington, NC

By Lauren Hoffman

Wilmington locals love to go out to eat so we are always looking for great deals at our favorite restaurants and hangouts. Business owners in Wilmington are also looking for better ways to increase sales and market affordably to their customers. John Charlesworth, a recent business grad himself, is providing a fun solution for both customers and businesses as he brings Stealz into the Port City.

Stealz is a mobile app offering consumers deals on products and services, while providing the businesses they visit with highly interactive social marketing. How it works is simple…

Businesses that sign up have a small sign and table topper with the Stealz logo and QR code. Customers simply download the free app and scan the code when making a purchase during their visit. One point is earned for checking in, but up to four points can be added just for sharing a picture on Facebook and Twitter. This allows one person to market a business to hundreds of friends with just a few taps on their smart phone. In return the business rewards customers with a number of creative offers based on the number of points earned. Some offer a free entrée; some offer a chance to arm wrestle the owner for a free cocktail.

Stealz is a great new app that has the potential to change business, especially in college towns where students are always looking for a great deal. The app can already be found in more than 200 businesses throughout the eastern U.S.

Cardinal Lanes Bowling Alley, Cousins Italian Deli, Hallelu Boutique and Jerry Allen’s Bar and Grill are the first to sign on in the area, but Charlesworth is in talks with several other bars and restaurants in Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach.

To test the new app out myself, I recently had lunch at Cousin’s Deli and was surprised at how easy it was to use (and thrilled with how great the food was). I simply scanned the QR code and got 50% off any sandwich or pasta. Too easy, and I am sure Cousin’s Deli is thrilled to have repeat customers like me.

See if Stealz is in your hometown. Download it today and it will tell you where the closest participating store is!