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Executive Speech Coaching

Somewhere along your path to execudom, you took a public speaking course. It may have been in undergrad or foisted upon you by your VC firm, but it’s likely you’ve not come this far in your career without being forced to stand and deliver in front of an audience … and been critiqued.

As terrifying as this ordeal for the average person,  it can be worsefor executives. That’s because the audience is judging not just the presentation but also your leadership.

No matter how well you look people in the eye, stand up straight and speak with authority, you may still leave the stage without communicating the soul of your message. Without soul, there is no influence. The most impactful presentations, the memorable speeches – those come from the heart.  I'm reminded of Jordan Watson, founder of National Speed. He never gets on stage, leaving his heart behind the curtan. He is always all-in, and so everyone else is, too.

Think back to when you were beginning to identify and refine your company’s messaging. You thought long and hard about the soul of what you were planning to build.  To build a business leader, the soul of the company must be embodied in the leadership, and that soul must be embraced by all you wish to influence toward your cause. Whether there are 12 or 12000 in the audience doesn't matter. Whether you're at a board meeting, a funding pitch or a product launch, dig deep. Invest the time to choose the right word. Practice, with your heart on your sleeve.

You are the key to the brand. Every time you open your mouth, you are solidifying the company's reputation.

Is that daunting?

It should be. If you you have any doubt, don’t go it alone. We’d be happy to talk to you about what it takes to really deliver, to create a story your audience can relate to, and help you get to the soul of the matter.